John Liddiard
Underwater Photographer & Diving Journalist

Underwater photography around the world from Britain to Bikini Atoll, from coral reefs in clear tropical waters to under ice. On these pages you will find all the best underwater photographs of fish, sharks, seals, wrecks and macro marine life.

The main purpose of this site is an online picture library with an index and galleries of thousands of underwater photographs.

If you are a student researching a project, the education area pulls together much of the information others like you have found useful.

Failing all else you can always just contact me.

Diving articles

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The previous version of this web site used to contain copies of articles published, but the work involved keeping it all up to date was enormous. Rather than bring all of that into the new site, I am taking the easy way out by giving a link to Articles Published in Diver Magazine that shows the vast majority of my published work. You can also find a fair bit of my work in the Scandanavian magazine DYK.

For those who's interest is UK wreck diving, the first Wreck Tour book has now been published.


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