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Prinz Eugen, Kwajalein, Marshal Islands, Gun director, Wreck explorer, (For alternate manipulated version), Wrecks are photographic subjects particularly suited to black and white, where the contrast can be pushed to pick out detail beyond the range of flash and a grainy effect adds to the overall atmosphere. The blue sea colour and the colour on the diver were then painted to the black and white image. PhotoShop was used to remove the colour from the original slide and add the grain. The blue sea colour painted into the background began as a gradient fill down the page. Areas of the fill were then erased to make the wreck visible in black and white and the opacity of the fill reduced to give the desired effect. Red and yellow were used to paint in highlights on the diver’s suit that were lost to blue filtering in the original image. Overall just three pure colours were used. Personally I prefer the manipulated version of this image to the original.