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Ko Tachai, Surin Islands, Thailand, Clown anemonefish In anemone, Amphiprion percula, (Alternative - manipulated photo), Close up photographs of anemonefish are not a normal subject for black and white, and that is probably why I decided to do this one. I am not sure whether I like the grainy effect. When I decided to paint in the anemone with a green wash and the fish with an orange wash I was surprised how close to a colour photograph my results were with just two pure colours. PhotoShop was used to remove the colour from the original slide and add the grain. A layer with a green fill was selectively erased to colour all but the fish. Another layer was painted orange for the stripes on the fish. The opacity of the painted layers was reduced so that detail from the black and white showed through. The fill colours were sampled from the original colour image. Overall just two pure colours were used to re-paint the image to a state where it is hard to tell the difference from the original colour slide. From this I would guess that the anemone has just one green pigment and the fish just one orange pigment.