FAQ about John Liddiard

Questions more about me and why I am an underwater photographer:

What made you decide to be an underwater photographer?

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I had been diving as an amateur for many years whilst working in a more conventional job (see my background page ). Photography was a natural extension to this. Eventually I started selling pictures on a semi-professional basis, then decided to take a big jump and do it full time.

Do you travel often?

I travelled abroad 6 times last year, and at least once per month in the UK. It is a question of economics. In most cases a UK picture is cheaper to take and sells for just as much as a foreign picture. To justify a foreign trip it must either be fully supported by a tourist board, tour operator or dive centre, or there must be more to sell than a single magazine article.

Do you consider yourself an adventurer, or are you more of a shutterbug?

Diver first. Photographer second.

What are your likes and dislikes of your work?

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At what age did you start taking an interest in photography?

I always played with cameras as a child, but not with any systematic purpose. As a child I always wanted to dive and was always snorkeling when at the beach. I learned to dive at 18. I played with underwater photography using basic cameras for several years on and off before getting more serious in the mid 1980s. See the about John Liddiard page.

How old are you?

See the about John Liddiard page.

Did your father or mother ever influence you into photography?

Not directly, though my father worked as a graphic designer before he retired.

What interests you in photography?

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The chance of capturing that “perfect” picture from my own point of view (not necessarily a picture that sells well). I am particularly fond of pictures taken under ice.

Are you famous?

If you have to ask the question, obviously not. I am becoming known in UK diving circles.

Do a google for " John Liddiard ".

Does your work reflect your life?

My work is my life, that is why I do it. If it was anything less, I would still be working in the computer industry; something that pays a lot more but means a lot less.

Where do you live?

Bristol in the UK. See How to Contact John Liddiard .

Have you got a favourite photo?

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I like the pictures with the sharks at Bikini Atoll and the under ice self portrait taken in Norway.

What is your favourite dive?

It is impossible to give a definitive answer to this, it all depends on what mood I am in. Some dives are good to do once. Some dives are good to do again and again. Mostly, I like to do things that are different.

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Last Updated: Tue Mar 27 2007