FAQ about Marine Life

Questions about marine life:

When you are diving and taking photos of sharks, wouldn't the sharks eat you?

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Most sharks are more scared of us than we are of them. In most cases you have to be very lucky and spend a lot of time sneaking up on a shark to get a good photo. If you startle them they will swim off.

Do you ever get scared when you get up close to sharks?

I have never been scared by sharks; excited, but not scared. I do occasionally scare myself on a difficult dive, but more for technical reasons than anything to do with the marine life.

Can fish see colours?

Many marine animals have different eye pigments to humans and see a totally different spectrum. There is some research going on in the zoology dept at Bristol University that you may be able to track down with a web search.

What does a clown fish look like?

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By now, pretty much everyone knows what Nemo looks like. The clown anemonefish is justy one of many similar types of fish that live in anemones.

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Last Updated: Thu Mar 22 2007